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Daniel Andersen: So, I don't have to brawl. Yay! Jan 29, 2015 15:51:39 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: Shira, if you have time you may post in episode 4 Jan 29, 2015 16:04:02 GMT -5
Shiragari Yonaka: Anything in spesific I should say? Jan 29, 2015 16:48:22 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: Not actually Jan 29, 2015 18:11:00 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: I think we should put a Status Board on the site. First thing that comes to your mind is not a thing I had in mind :P Jan 29, 2015 18:18:01 GMT -5
Tehrag Reimroc: Not much happening on here is there? Jan 29, 2015 18:40:54 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: Good question (retorical I suppose) Jan 29, 2015 18:42:13 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: It's boring as hell Jan 29, 2015 18:43:02 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: Since this was my core fun and now it's a Boredlands I had to install 3 online games to keep me entertained Jan 29, 2015 18:49:01 GMT -5
Noland Hardy: So I guess you didn't pay attention to what I said in my rant, did you? :P Jan 29, 2015 18:56:33 GMT -5
Damian Kirifuda: You do realize that's an automatic ban, right? I made that very clear. Jan 29, 2015 19:01:21 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: Did I say anything about your plot? Jan 29, 2015 19:02:57 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: I did my role in roleplay. Despite your plot I find nothing else interesting Jan 29, 2015 19:03:26 GMT -5
Damian Kirifuda: I said if there was ANY negativity in the comments section. I never said it had to be about the plot. Jan 29, 2015 19:04:00 GMT -5
Damian Kirifuda: I'm very serious about this. It is not a game. I will ban you for it and I don't have a problem doing so. Jan 29, 2015 19:05:21 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: Seems that reading your rant only twice won't help me Jan 29, 2015 19:07:13 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: Since school is getting overwhelming and Logic professor is being a b- I won't be taking any challenges or give any challenges Jan 29, 2015 19:13:12 GMT -5
Kurt Redfield: With exception of ongoing brawls. Jan 29, 2015 19:13:33 GMT -5
Daniel Andersen: By what web pages say is that some parts of USA will face a monstrous weather Jan 29, 2015 20:12:49 GMT -5
Emperor Cypher: Heat Blast vs the Human Torch (who'll win?) Jan 30, 2015 1:27:16 GMT -5