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randucito: >:D Sept 1, 2019 14:24:15 GMT -5
articwolf100000: (:)) Sept 15, 2019 17:42:37 GMT -5
Bryan Kyoya: Just dropping by, really miss this place. Anyhow later guys Sept 16, 2019 19:24:25 GMT -5
neroliams: SO is this still active? Sept 16, 2019 20:29:10 GMT -5
Atom: It's as active as the members on it. Staff is usually still around, mostly, so as long as you follow posting rules for something like your Character Sheet you should be given an approval. Sept 16, 2019 21:27:50 GMT -5
Atom: And, of course, there's always RP you can do. I'm the one who's on the most, but you might get another person or two to join in. Sept 16, 2019 21:28:20 GMT -5
neroliams: Okay ! Thank you also is there a creation thread for objects/tools [Not Bakugan creation]. Sept 17, 2019 15:43:09 GMT -5
Atom: No, there is not specifically one for everyday style object. Traps, Gears, Nanos, and Mechtogan are all available, eventually. Sept 17, 2019 16:21:22 GMT -5
neroliams: Oh, thank you again I was talking about like power Gauntlets, etc. Sept 17, 2019 16:52:10 GMT -5
neroliams: Also can we have our starter bakugan as a custom one? Sept 17, 2019 16:57:31 GMT -5
Atom: No, your Starter Bakugan must come from the shop. But, you can make your Starter Bakugan immediately after and put it into your Bakupack. As long as it follows the rules of Bakugan Creation, there will be no issues with using it. Sept 17, 2019 17:20:50 GMT -5
Atom: At least, from me. With other members, it'll probably have to be approved. Sept 17, 2019 17:21:19 GMT -5
neroliams: Also sorry but could we request different attribute Bakugan like "Dragonoid, Haos" if we wanted to ? Sept 17, 2019 17:36:56 GMT -5
Atom: Yep, that's an option. Sept 17, 2019 17:46:32 GMT -5
neroliams: Thank you so much for you help ! Sept 17, 2019 17:47:22 GMT -5
Atom: Of course. Anytime! I'd do nearly anything to help new members so that we can keep this site active. Sept 17, 2019 17:48:33 GMT -5
neroliams: Also just a few terms I'm unfamiliar with if you could answer are : What are Gate Busters,G-Power Burst, G-Power Transformations, and Pryus Field? And what is counter ax. I think I know what some of these terms are but I'm not sure . Sept 17, 2019 17:57:16 GMT -5
Atom: You can find their descriptions within the Data Center. Sept 17, 2019 20:56:23 GMT -5
neroliams: Thank youu again! Sept 17, 2019 21:07:32 GMT -5
Tehrag: Boy, I lost track of time. bother Sept 24, 2019 16:57:24 GMT -5